• Reigate Priory Vets 4-1 Highfield Old Boys, Match Report

    Sunday saw Priory Vets host Highfield Old Boys at home. Despite the need for a pitch inspection by the referee Ian Stemp at 8am the game went ahead.

    There were a number of changes to the squad from Priory’s last outing at Farnborough Old Boys, with Stuart Porte and Ray Connolly coming into the squad, and Craig Wheeler and David Mizon returning. Stuart Lawson was only allowed to start the game after having to apologise to Ray Connolly for calling him a @*%£*&$!?*&^” in a recent game he refereed.

    Coming into this match Priory were feeling confident having won the last 4 games. Despite this it was bought to the attention of player manager Nigel Lomas that his tenure as Manager was in question in view of the current spate of Premiership Managerial dismissals. In return Lomas stated that his main concern was not the team but whether the jacket potatoes he put in the oven for after the game were ready. Was Delia Smith right in suggesting the combination of rock salt and oil in producing the perfect jacket potatoes?

    The game got off to a good start for the Priory who passed the ball around confidently. However it wasn’t long before Highfield started to show what they were about when a ball over the Priory defence went straight to a pacey striker who went close with his effort.

    In fact Highfield had the best early chance when a speculative long range shot looked like it was going in, only to be thwarted by a great save from Priory keeper Simon Avery. His agility was surprising as he had spent the last couple of months on a sun bed in Fuerteventura. His only activity had been in getting up to order a pina colada. His yellow jersey showed off his sun tan well.

    Priory started to get a better grip on the game and saw normal service resume with Brian Freeman falling over for no apparent reason. He was also seen falling over in the opponents goal 5 minutes later…….for no apparent reason.

    The midfield combination of Freeman, Lawson, Turner and Taylor started to see more of the ball and Priory created a number of good chances…well the good chances were the ones that fell to Wheeler and not Club Chairman Ray Connolly. A ball in from the right found the diving header of Nick Taylor to make it 1-0 to the Priory.

    Highfield continued to pass the ball around well and put pressure on the Priory defence of Lomas, Chapman, Mizon and Norris. Lawson was back to his usual self as he called the referee and fellow club member Ian Stemp a @*%£*&$!?*&^”

    The second half saw Priory take further control of the game despite Ray Connolly coming back onto the pitch. With a changed team also now including King and Porte, Priory quickly took the lead. The ball fell lose to Wheeler who hit a great shot into the top corner of the Highfield net leaving the goalkeeper with no chance. This was followed shortly by a cross, come shot, from the far side of the pitch from Darren Turner which loped over the goalkeeper into the far left hand corner of the net (he’s still claiming it was a shot!)

    At this point Johnny Vezza was back on the pitch and his lovely wife Sue was watching him play for the first time ever. However she forgot her glasses and couldn’t really see Johnny on the other side of the pitch. When she enquired as to whether that was him speeding down the wing it was pointed out that this in fact was the opposing winger running past her husband!.

    Highfield started to push players forward in an attempt to get back in the game and most of the play was in Priory’s own half. King and Porte put in some notable challenges. Lomas then played a ball down the channel to Wheeler in space who ran at the Highfield defence and found David Mizon in the penalty area to slot the ball home to make it 4-0.

    Priory’s hopes of keeping a clean sheet were dashed by the every resilient Highfield attack who won a free kick on the edge of the Priory box. Whilst Chapman and Avery were having a detailed chat about where to place the wall Highfield had put the ball into the net to make it 4-1.

    With the game won the Priory Chairman decided that since he ran the club he was able to take himself on and off whenever he felt like it, causing confusion all-round.

    Another win for the Priory Vets was celebrated with some great home cooking from Kristina Agate and Sue Vezza, whom we would like to thank along with Delia Smith for some great baked potatoes.

    Squad: Avery, Chapman, Norris, Lomas, Mizon, Vezza, Lawson, Turner, King, Taylor, Freeman, Connolly, Porte, Wheeler.

    Scorers: Taylor, Wheeler, Turner, Mizon.

    Referee: Ian Stemp

    Next Game: At home v Oxshott Vets on Sunday 19th January.


    Farnborough Old Boys 1-4 Reigate Priory Vets, Match Report

    Farnborough Old Boys 1-4 Reigate Priory Vets.

    Sunday saw the Priory return to play Farnborough Old Boys in Kent, following on from our fixture last season. This time the game was on their main pitch and again Farnborough Old Boys hospitality was excellent.

    Priory went with a squad of 12 players for this match with a number of regular players unavailable. Also 3 of the squad had played for the Priory on Saturday with Nigel Lomas and Brian Freeman having run the equivalent of 2 marathons in Priory’s C Teams 12-0 defeat on the Saturday. As a result Priory called up Billy Kirsch and Paul Hayter for this game. This was only Priory’s second outing this season compared to Farnborough Old Boys 12th game to date.

    Despite the smaller squad and a number of work commitments straight after the game (Gunnar was due to collect the King and Queen of Norway that afternoon!!), and Terry King arriving without any boots after realising his son had borrowed them, the fixture went ahead.

    The game got off to a competitive start with Farnborough Old Boys getting straight into their stride early on with some excellent movement and passing. You could tell they played regularly. Despite their possession the Priory defence held firm against the early pressure. Priory had few chances in the first 20 minutes.

    However the attacking combination of Rob Stratts and Gunnar started to open up the Farnborough Old Boys defence. Stratts pace was having an impact and finally his cross found Gunnar free on the edge of the penalty box. Despite the cries from his team mates of “you’ve got time”, and with the prospect of the match ball being blasted into the next county, Gunnar choose to ignored all of this advice and hit the ball first time into the top right hand corner of the net (his first goal for the Priory).

    Stratts then made it 2-0 to the Priory with some great attacking work resulting in him taking the ball around the keeper.

    However Farnborough Old Boys continued to push forward and a speculative cross managed to beat the reliable centre back pairing of Andrew Norris and Chopper and the Farnborough Old Boys striker hit the ball into the bottom corner of the net.

    The second half continued with Farnborough Old Boys playing the better passing football. However the midfield combination of Terry King, Darren Turner, Stuart Lawson and Brian Freeman kept Priory in the game. Their fighting spirit saw both Freeman and Lawson go to the ground with head injuries (well Stuarts was, as Brian regular falls down nobody was sure).

    At 2-1 the game was evenly poised until Freeman decided to grab an Farnborough Old Boys attacker around the neck in the penalty area. The referee had no hesitation in awarding a penalty, even Arsene Wenger couldn’t have missed it!!. However Paul Hayter came to the rescue with a great penalty save.

    After this the Priory stepped up a gear and went on to score another two goals, making it a hat trick for Rob Stratts.

    Whilst it was a competitive game if you looked at how clean Johnny Vezza’s kit was after 90 minutes you would have never known.

    We would like to thank Farnborough Old Boys for organising the fixture and we look forward to the return game at the Priory on March 16th.

    Squad: Hayter, Kirsch, Chapman, Norris, Vezza, Lawson, Turner, King, Freeman, Moberg, Stratts, Lomas

    Scorers: Stratts x 3, Moberg x 1

    Next Game: Reigate Priory Vets v Highfield Old Boys, Sunday Dec 15th

    Vets 25.11.2013 2 Vets 25.11.2013 3 Vets 25.11.2013 5

  • Oxshott Vets 0-3 Reigate Priory Vets, Match Report

    Last Sunday saw the first outing of the season for Reigate Priory Vets away to Oxshott. Oxshott comprehensively beat the Priory last season at Chelsea’s Training Ground.

    This game saw the introduction of two new vets to the Priory squad, Craig Wheeler and Terry King.

    Priory didn’t get off to the best of starts when Mark Peters called in sick just before the game, which also meant that not only could he not play but also Dan Peters…the Priory Keeper!!! Luckily the meet time at the clubhouse coincided with the finish of the Sunday first team and Luke Reid whom had just completed 90 minutes for the Priory then found himself involved in the vets game…in goal (thanks Luke!).

    The second obstacle came just as the Priory vets started arriving at the ground, Imber Court in East Molesey. A number of calls came into the management asking where the changing rooms where. Having given a swift response along the lines of “how difficult can it be” the management then found themselves looking at a field with numerous pitches, a couple of car parks and half a dozen buildings spread over 50 acres of land!! Eventually the team all found themselves just before kick-off only to find the opposition had no referee, 11 men and no corner flags!.

    Just to make matters worse the players were informed that match fees had now gone up to £10, which explains why Ray Connolly (Chairman) decided not to make this game and face the numerous questions about which offshore account the money was all going into.

    Unperturbed the Priory Manager was given the job of being referee for the first half with Ken Yau volunteering for the second. Ken Yau was made skipper. After having lost the toss and making the Priory play into the sun he calmly announced that he had never won the toss before!.

    The first half proved a very competitive affair with both teams battling to gain control of the game. A number of chances fell to the attacking strike force of Wheeler and Stratton, but nothing on target, which set the theme for the rest of the game!

    Stuart Lawson, ever the competitive spirit in midfield took no hesitation in slagging off the referee, even though it was his own team manager!

    The second half eventually saw the Priory take control of the game and fitness started to tell. The deadlock was broken by Stratts who took the ball around the goalkeeper. With Wheeler hitting the hedge behind the goal more times than we could all remember it was down to the midfield of Lawson, Turner, Taylor and Moberg to keep control of the game. As the game went on Mizon saw the opportunities to start roaming from his defensive duties. Dan Udall did a good job of making a great defensive clearance while also clearing his team mate, Darren Turner into the sidelines at the same time. Whilst all of this was going on the Oxshott keeper was proving to be a very difficult opponent.

    Pressure grew and grew on the Oxshott defence and further goals by Wheeler (lucky deflection of the post) and Stratton final saw the Priory clinch victory.

    Johnny Vezza was also over the moon as his Pantofola D Ora boots appeared to be clean with no damage done, although he was still going to get the wife to clean them anyway.

    All in all a good performance from Priory Vets and we would like to thank Oxshott for their hospitality.

    The next game is Sunday 24th November away to Farnborough Old Boys.

    Squad: Reid, Lomas, Udall, Mizon, Yau, Vezza, Freeman, King, Moberg, Turner, Lawton, Taylor, Stratton, Wheeler.

    Priory Vets 35 Fixture Schedule

    Well now that all the Senior and Youth sides in the Priory are up and running its now the turn of the Vets to announce their friendly fixtures for 2013-14. The Vets will be playing their home games on the main pitch.

    All games are Sunday morning with a 10.30 am KO.

    Date Pitch Club Web Site
    03-Nov Away Oxshott Vets http://www.oxshottsports.com/football/
    24-Nov Away Farnborough Vets http://www.fobgfc.org/
    15-Dec Home Highfield Vets
    19-Jan Home Oxshott Vets
    09-Feb Home Albury Vets http://www.alburyeaglesvets.co.uk/
    16-Mar Home Farnborough Vets
    30-Mar Away Albury Vets
    25-May Away Riverside Wanderers FC http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/riversidewanderers/

    For further details contact Nigel Lomas on 07973 744275

  • Oxshott Vets 6-1 Priory Vets, Match Report

    Well Sunday saw Priory Vets again on their travels, this time playing away to Oxshott Vets…at Chelsea’s training ground in Cobham!! As you can imagine this fixture created considerable interest and Priory had no problem getting a squad together for this game

    Having managed to get past security at the ground Priory were impressed with the whole set up at Cobham, and even though we were on the farthest pitch at the complex (think Chelsea were worried in case anybody saw the standard of football on show!), the facilities were excellent. What with playing on a near perfect pitch there was no excuse for the Priory this game! Just to add to the occasion Oxshott Vets came out in a Chelsea kit.

    Priory’s squad for this game consisted of:

    D Peters, K Beckett, A Chapman, D Udall, N Lomas, M Peters, D Turner, N Taylor, G Moberg, R Connolly, N Hamilton, B Freeman, J “Baresi” Vezza, A Norris, S Porte.

    The game got off to a fare pace with the match evenly poised for the first 10 minutes. However from this point Oxshott started to look a strong attacking force and began putting pressure on the Priory defence.  Even with Ray Connolly back in the team spearheading the attack Priory were overplaying the ball to their strikers (not that Ray was ever going to get on the end of any of them!).

    Despite this pressure it was Priory who took the early lead after a penalty was awarded for hand ball. Nick Taylor put the Priory ahead. After this the pressure was back on the Priory. As a result of sloppy play from the Priory Oxshott were able to clinically finish a number of chances and soon Priory found themselves 3-1 down despite the best efforts of Dan Peters in goal.

    Priory made a number of changes at half time which resulted in things getting worse! Again Oxshott were strong on the counter attack and they took the lead even further. At 5-1 Priory started to come back into the game and created their best chances. Unfortunately these fell to Stuart Porte! Receiving the ball in the 6 yard box with only the keeper to beat Stuart somehow managed to hit the cross bar (his club record now stands at 700 shots, 5 on target, no goals). A “Van Persie ”  type corner from Kelvin Beckett beat the Oxshott defence and Stuart Porte just missed the ball at the back post (701 shots, 5 on target, no goals).

    Priory again made a number of changes with Chapman and Peters in the centre of midfield, Hamilton on the right wing (after replacing Freeman with an injury, nothing to do with falling down this time). Nick Taylor joined Ray Connolly up front yet a second goal was not forth coming.

    The match saw a couple of strange moments. Ray Connolly was suddenly seen lying down at the edge of the touch line, apparently he tripped over something (his own feet). He denied it was anything to do with the fact that the wife was away and he was seen out late on Saturday night at the Priory Xmas event.

    Also this game saw the first time appearance of Johnny “Baresi” Vezza’s Pantofola D’Ora Italian handmade football boots (“they are like slippers”). Not wishing to get them dirty he managed to avoid a puddle on the pitch by tip towing around it, totally oblivious to the left winger of Osxhott running straight past him and on to goal.

    Despite a final score line of 6-1 to Oxshott Priory thoroughly enjoyed the game in Cobham. In fact the manager, Nigel Lomas, left the ground with a nice warm feeling from the afternoon…..or was that the deep heat Kelvin Beckett had put in his boxer shorts!!!





    Lloyds TSB 5 – 1 Priory Vets, Match Report

    Well with the last game being over a couple of months ago the Priory Vets had another away outing, this time we were welcomed by Lloyds TSB who proved to be very good hosts.

    As ever nothing goes smoothly with the Priory Vets in their pre-match preparation. For some reason the Priory had a much depleted squad for this game. Out of a squad of 25 players only 11 were available (well 10 if you include Ray the Chairman who pulled a groin muscle running the line the previous day!).  Also with Reigate Priory putting 5 senior sides out on a Saturday there were a few casualties from Saturday (namely Gus M the goalkeeper!!).

    One of the other noted absentees from the match was Johnny “Berasi” Vezaa who had been looking forward to the game so much he had bought a pair of Italian Pantofola D Or football boots…only for the wife to book a holiday for the Sunday with strict instructions to be at the airport for 3pm!! With Johnny having no idea where Beckenham was, or where exactly he was going on holiday he worked out that at least he know where Gatwick airport was being as its 15 minutes from his house so he took the easy option!

    Anyway despite this the Vets remained optimistic despite a gloomy looking Sunday morning weather wise. Yet again there are always a few players who have all week to prepare for the game yet they still needed shin pads on the morning (Simon A and Lee W!!).

    With only 11 players available Team Manager Lomas had a far easier time with regard to team selection. He didn’t have to spend his Saturday night desperately trying to put some sort of team together!!

    The team consisted of:  Simon A, Brian F, Ken Y, Andy C, Nigel L, Darren T, Nick T, Dan U, Lee W, Ray C, Nick H.

    Things didn’t start well for the Priory as Lloyds TSB took a commanding 3-0 after 15 minutes. At this point it looked like it was going to be a long afternoon for Priory Vets. However having worked out that Ray was more injured than we first thought he went in goal and out came Simon A to lead the attack. With Nick and Simon providing more movement up front Priory got back into the game and should off had a penalty on the half hour mark. However given that the ref was the oldest person on the pitch it was very unlikely that he had seen it!

    For the second half Priory regrouped and the match which proved to be a more even affair. Even Ray our substitute goal keeper managed to pull off a number of great saves that actually involved him diving.

    The afternoon wouldn’t have been complete if Brian F hadn’t taken a tumble. He was attacking the full back when the full back slipped and dived onto the ground. With a great opportunity to attack the Lloyds TSB goal Brian for some reason decided to follow and completed a carbon copy dive, it was like synchronised diving but on grass.

    With the defence of Brian F, Andy C, Ken Y and Nigel L looking solid and the midfield quartet of Darren T, Nick T, Dan U and Lee W taking charge of the midfield Priory gave one of their best footballing displays.

    But Priory still needed that consolation goal, where was it to come from…..well help was at hand in the form a Dave!!. Dave for some strange reason had decided to watch the game!?! Before he knew it he was in a Priory shirt leading the attack!!! Not only that Dave (no idea of his surname) created numerous goal scoring chances and final got Priory a goal!!

    We celebrated Dave’s goal with sausage and chips in the clubhouse courtesy of Lloyds TSB’s great hospitality.




  • Sevenoaks Vets 1 – 4 Priory Vets, Match Report

    Well having not won a single game in 2012 Priory Vets decided on a different strategy by accepting the kind offer from Sevenoaks Vets to play on Astroturf under floodlights. This was a calculated risk given Priory knew very little about Sevenoaks vets, and even less about playing on Astroturf!!

    A glorious summers evening (remember that one) in a leafy part of Kent provided the ideal football conditions.

    The evening didn’t get off to a great start when vets regular Lee Wilmot called in saying he couldn’t make it to due to being stuck in traffic on the M1 (nobody has seen him since). Not only that but all of Priory’s regular goalkeepers where on holiday, either that or they didn’t fancy playing on Astroturf.

    The squad consisted of: Kelvin B, Brian F, Daren T, Nick T, Ray C, Ken Y, Johnny “Beresi” V, Nick H, Rob B, Mark N, Stuart P, Nick Hamilton, Nigel L.

    Nigel “Hodgson” Lomas having studied the England games in great detail from the comfort of the Priory bar went for a 4-4-2 formation, even though the squad in terms of players was more set up for a 6-4-3!

    The game got off to a competitive start with the Priory enjoying the early possession, even if the players first touch was a bit rusty. Kelvin B proved to be more than a capable replacement in goal. Priory played some neat football (honestly!) and were unlucky not to get on the score sheet early one. The deadly combination of Mark N and Ray saw a great chance fall to Ray with only the goalkeeper to beat whilst on the edge of the 6 yard box, but for some unknown reason he ran out of energy when it actually came to making a shot!.

    The game was played in a friendly spirit until Ray decided to have an “altercation” with a Sevenoaks defender that required the referee to “have a word”.!

    The deadlock was finally broken with a Rob B free kick that found its way into the bottom corner of the net. At 1-0 the game was still in the balance.

    The second half saw Ray go in goal (grave mistake) and Kelvin come onto the outfield. Again Sevenoaks continued to press but without creating too many clear cut chances (although Johnny V did his best to help them!). The Priory defence of Nick H, Stuart P, Kelvin B held the line with well with Nick T, Nick H, Rob B, Darren T, Brian F taking greater control of the game, although for some reason Brian F seemed to be impersonating Didier Drogba and spent quite a bit of time on the floor.

    In the end Priory got a second goal from a corner, scored by Darren T.

    Even stranger things occurred when all of a sudden Ken Y found himself on the end of a decent ball and he nipped in before the Sevenoaks keeper to slot the ball home (apparently having recited this story to his daughter she is still not convinced her dad actually scored!).

    Priory were also awarded a penalty and panic set in (nobody had trained for this!). Up stepped Rob B who managed to blast the ball wide of the post. However Nick T came to the rescue to slot home the fourth goal (yes that’s right – fourth goal!!).

    At this point a very bizarre event occurred. Whilst the Priory were getting back to their positions from the restart all of a sudden there was an almighty cheer from Sevenoaks whom had scored!?!? The Priory players turned around to see the ball in the net with the keeper (Ray!) walking back to his goal from some 30 yards out having been beaten straight from the half way line (it would have been an instant You Tube hit!!).

    The team celebrated the very rare event of a win, scoring 4 goals (and not conceding more than 4 goals), being awarded a penalty……and Ken scoring.

    Farleigh Vets 6 – 1 Priory Vets, Match Report

    Well Priory Vets had their second outing in a matter of weeks with a return visit to Croydon, this time against Farleigh Vets.

    The morning started with Nick Hale stating he knew a quick way to the ground but forgot to inform anybody of the directions and lost the whole convey on route.

    However the weather was good for Priory’s trip to Addington, Croydon. As the sun started to rise above the burnt out cars and baron countryside Priory were prepared for another tough encounter.

    There were a number of changes from the previous line up, some enforced, some new additions to the squad with Avery, Beckett, Norris and Besley not available and Udall, Moberg joining the team.

    Prioriy were in a changed strip of Black and Red stripes facing Farleigh in their Blue and Black stripes. At first glance you might have mistaken this match for the Milan derby, but anybody watching would have realised after 5 minutes that this was not the case.

    Team Manager “Pepi” Lomas had decided to go for a 4-5-1 formation, on the basis to hold the opposition for the first 20 minutes of the game, plus Priory only had one striker!

    The first 10 minutes of the game saw all the action down Johnny Vezza’s side of the pitch, which was a worry. Especially as Vezza played a one two with Wilmot but on the return pass he forgot to tell Wilmot where he was passing to and the ball went straight out of play. Dan Udall called for the ball to be played to his feet from a Vezza throw in only to find an exocet of a ball coming to him at head height. He has been complaining of a neck injury ever since.

    After 20 minutes Priory found themselves 2-0 despite a keenly fought contest. The slightly more “youthful” vets of Farleigh were proving to be too quick for the Priory. Also with Ray “Chairman” Connolly in goal any shots that were directed at him a foot level were expertly saved. Anything that involved diving went straight in.

    The second half saw Priory revert to a traditional 4-4-2 in order to provide some company for our lone striker Chatfield.

    The second half was a more keenly fought match but as the game opened up Priory’s offside trap was caught short on a number of occasions and soon Priory were 4-0 down.  However we are unsure as to what the Priory linesman was up to and even the opposition asked “was he just flagging down planes in the sky”!.

    The hard work of Taylor and Turner paid off in the end when a neat set of passing was finished off by Turner running into the penalty box and slotting home a great goal.

    Well with two defeats on the trot if this was Stamford Bridge surely the manager would have gone by now. But the manager and the team live to take on our next opponents.

  • Glendale Vets 3 – 0 Reigate Priory Vets, Match Report

    Sunday saw a rare outing for the Reigate Priory Vets side with an away fixture to Glendale Vets in Croydon.

    As ever the Priory Vets match preparation was meticulous: Ray “Rooney” Connolly forgot his shin pads and had to tear out pages from the managers note pad and stuff them down the front of his socks, Johnny “Baresi” Vezza turned up with a crimson red leather sports bag that was once the height of fashion in Milan in the 1960’s, and Simon “The Cat” Avery had thrown out his football boots and had to borrow his sons!!!

    Priory went for a traditional 4-4-2 formation based on the fact that it didn’t make any difference as Ray was going to play in the same position anyway. The starting 11 consisted of Avery, Beckett, Chapman (skipper), Hale, Vezza, Wilmot, Norris, Taylor, Freeman, Connolly, Chatfield.

    The game got of to a bad start for the Priory and they found themselves 3 down after 20 minutes. A lack of match fitness, total confusion and not knowing what a 4-4-2 formation was lead to the Glendale strikers putting on the early pressure. Their first goal came as a result of not closing Glendale down, the second was an offside not spotted by the referee. The third was a direct result of the Priory keeper deciding to pass to the Glendale striker from a goal kick, from which the Glendale striker acknowledge the decent pass by slotting the ball into the bottom corner of the net.

    Things got worse when after 25 minutes Priory had an enforced substitution when Andy Chatfield had to leave the field suffering from exhaustion, dizziness and fatigue, but apparently he did have a bad cold.

    Soon Priory had bought on their subs of Beesley, Turner and Yau and the second half proved a much more even contest, especially with the “youngsters” of Wilmot, Taylor, Turner and Freeman proving to be more than a match for the Glendale midfield.

    In fact Priory had the better of the chances. Chatfield (now back on the field after receiving medical attention, in the form of a lot of deep heat spray), took the ball down skillfully with his left foot inside the opposition penalty box. However the move broke down when he tried to hit the ball with his right foot and his whole body collapsed to the floor from the sheer effort of the move. Beesley had a great chance when he took on a couple of Glendale defenders on the edge of the box and his shot hit the post. There was also a great shout for a penalty when Freeman was tackled heavily in the box, but unfortunately the only shout was from Freeman lying in agony on the floor.

    Glendale had a few opportunities but Avery proved tough to beat in the Priory goal. The Priory defence  looked more solid with the Norris, Chapman, Yau and Beckett combination (and with Vezza off the field).

    Despite the first 20 minutes of the game Priory gave a good account of themselves and more than meet the challenge of Glendale, a side who play on a regular basis.

    Match Stats:

    Corners = 0

    Shots on goal = 1

    Next Fixture Away to Farleigh Vets on Sunday 26th Feb